Ambience is not just about feeling good, it's also about looking good.

The EDGE has been designed in a fresh contemporary style that is both pleasing to the eye and welcoming.

The EDGE is committed to sustainability, supporting a growing generation of environmentally conscious companies and bringing broader benefits to both tenants and the wider community: these benefits include reduced energy and water costs, reduced waste, better air quality and a smaller carbon footprint for Hong Kong.

In revitalizing the existing building the construction team applied sustainable design principles that included reusing existing timber and metal formwork and the separation of construction waste for recycling.

Energy saving features comply with Building Energy Codes 2012 and the building system has been designed to reduce annual energy consumption and CO2 emission. Various design and construction strategies have been employed to enhance indoor air quality, minimize pollutants and keep the temperature at an optimal level. The building façade with its large windows has been designed to maximize daylight, creating an airy, uplifting ambience. This is complemented by intelligent lighting systems that provide uniform illumination throughout.